Skin EssentiA

Environ Skin Essentia is the original Environ Range previously know as AVST. Skin EssentiA steps up in levels of vitamin A from low to high. This range is also blended with antioxidants and botanicals.
Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for skin health, it assists to strengthen and correct the health of the skin cell. Skin EssentiA range assists in the improvement of skin tone, texture, pigment reduction, inflammatory condition reduction, such as acne. Vitamin A helps to regulate oil levels.
Then skin EssentiA Vita Antioxidant moisturiser range consists of levels 1 through to 5
Peptide Eye Gel, Oil free eye make-up remover, Mild cleansing lotion, Low foaming gel cleanser, Hydrating Clay masque, dual action Pre cleansing oil, botanical infused moisturising toner

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