Instruments Technology

Electo-sonic DF Mobile Device forms part of the focus care skin tech range.
The electro-sonic df mobile device combines two technologies low frequency sonophoresis and pulsed Iontophoresis.
Low Frequency Sonophoresis uses specific sound waves whilst Pulsed Iontophoresis uses electrical current to stimulate your skin. This dual electro-sonic technology assists in delivering essential nutrients to where skin needs it most.
This device can be used with the following Environ Retail Products to target and treat specific concerns.
*Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Serum
*Focus Care Youth+ Frown Serum
*Focus Care Youth+ Avance Elixir
*Focus Care Youth+ Concentrated Retinol Serums
*Body Profile Gel
Skin needling is the use of a rolling device made up with fine needles that penetrate the epidermis and stimulate new collagen growth. Cosmetic rollers can also be used to increase penetration of skin care.
Environ Roll CIT’S are made for different areas on the body.
*Cosmetic Roll CIT 0.1mm
*Gold Cosmetic Roll CIT 0.2mm
*Cosmetic Focus CIT 0.1mm
*Cosmetic Body Roll CIT 0.1mm

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