Focus Care Youth+ Range

Focus care youth+ range is environs skin care that targets collagen and elastin. Firming and toning the skin. aiding in the appearance of the skin in relation to fine lines and laxity. this range is full of peptides and vitamins to stimulate skin vitality and firmness. Focus care youth+ range targets frown lines pigmentation and cellular health.
Tripeptide Complex Avance Elixir assist in correcting sun damaged skin, and improving
Concentrated Alpha hydroxy toner preps the skin and assists the penetration of skincare in to the skin.
Tripeptide Complex Avance Moisturiser aids in reversing sun damage and aging skin adding more moisture and evening skin tone and colour.
Peptide enriched Frown serum assists in hydrating and softening frown lines and nasolabial lines.
Concentrated Retinol serum 1 and 2 is a step up system used to target fine lines sun damage acne wrinkles and skin laxity.
over production of oil and congested skin.
Tri Bio Botanical Revival Masque can be used on normal rough textured dehydrated skin to improve firmness elasticity and hydration

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