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Total Body Spa offer a range of treatments for your skin appearance, tone, hair reduction, muscular aches and pains, and diet or stress related problems.

We offer a wide range of massage therapies including: Remedial massage, Deep tissue, Trigger point, Lymphatic drainage, Sports massage, Swedish/ Relaxation massage, Pregnancy massage, Joya crystal massage, Reflexology, hot rock massage, cupping and Moxa.

We also offer Express and Advanced Facial and Body treatments.

Our professional staff will help you create the you that you wish to be.


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We are authorised stockists of the following quality skincare products:

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What our clients say

5-stars review of total body spa

I started a 6 week course for my skin 5 weeks ago and I’m absolutely loving it! Every visit I feel very looked after, with every treatment being so thorough. 2 weeks in I saw a massive improvement with my skin. I suffer with acne prone skin so it can be hard to maintain at times which is why I’ll continue to go for maintenance treatments once my course has finished.
Highly recommend booking in 🙂

Jody Maxwell



I have been going to Total Body Spa for a few months now and i have a reoccurring fortnightly appointment with Michelle. She is very professional and knows her stuff. Will definitely keep going and highly recommend.

Aimee Wills

I have been going to Michelle for about 5 years for massages. She helped me deal with the agony of a bulging disc in the neck that was inflicting nerve pain down my left side. She provided loads of relief and sanity to a me during a very troubling time.

The massages I get from Michelle are not the relaxation kind. They sometimes feel uncomfortable at the time I’m getting the massage, but then the relief I have afterwards is amazing, and lasts.

Maria Hamon

I’ve been to Michelle 3 times now. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and knows exactly what she’s doing!

She is more than fair with her pricing. She is also incredibly bubbly and very easy to talk too. I could not recommend any body else more than her!

Shane Koning


I have seen many beauty and massage therapists over the years, generally being different people at different locations. To have someone who is highly trained in practically everything, is outstanding! My skin has never felt and looked better in a long time, due to sugaring and IPL radio frequency sessions.

To have someone like Michelle who is trained in various treatments, who is local and always upskilling to meet client’s needs is a godsend. Michelle is a true professional.

Lilly Granger


I went in with acne prone skin that felt like concrete. After a few sanding down (Microdermabrasion) sessions with tears in my eyes (pain is beauty Michelle would repeat to me haha) my skin feels and is looking brand new, week by week.

Michelle puts alot of care into her work and spends alot of extra time into ensuring she has me leaving feeling good, confident and with knowledge and information she loves to share that will help me continue to care for my skin and my

Michelle always goes the extra mile and I’ve left sessions where I’ve felt I’ve received so much more than what I was going there for.

Theola Sionetama



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Sunday –          Closed

Professional spa treatments & products

Our Medical grade equipment can assist in your transformation journey. Whether it be for skin concerns, such as anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, skin laxity, sun damage. Or would you like help with those stubborn inches around the waist or arms.

Make a booking for a professional skin analysis with the OBSERVE 520. This amazing piece of equipment allows us to look under the surface of your skin.  With this insight we can create and implement a program just for you.

We also stock a range of Herbal and Nutritional supplements: Panaxea, muscle and arthritis liniments, Intraceuticals skin care productsEnviron skin care range, Jane Iredale the skin care makeup range. ATP Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide protein powder and bars and arrange of their supplements.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Total Body Spa involves listening to you and your concerns, so that we can tailor the treatment specifically to suit your needs.

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